Clarissa Payne

Flute Teacher in the Bristol Area


Clarissa Payne

My teenage daughter has been taught by Clarissa for a year having previously been with another teacher. I have noticed that she looks forward to her lessons and is now very motivated to practise. Incredibly! My daughter has become really interested in improving her technique and tone. As a parent I find Clarissa very easy going and friendly and would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to play the flute.



I’ve really enjoyed learning to play the flute with Clarissa. Starting as a novice at this sort of instrument as an adult could have been a difficult challenge but I always enjoy lessons and can really see how much progress I have made over the last two years. With an equal focus on playing pieces, technique and all the important details of flute playing, I feel I am becoming a well-rounded player.
Anna, adult student


I taught Clarissa the flute at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for four years. Clarissa is a natural and imaginative musician with much flair for performance, she has a great technical ability and makes a warm communicative sound. As a teacher Clarissa is lively, spontaneous and thorough, having a broad knowledge of a variety of musical styles.


Sarah Newbold BA ARCM LRAM DipNCOS


Clarissa was my colleague in the music department at The British School – Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi from September 2006 to September 2007. Clarissa had a number of duties at BSAK. She taught individual and small group woodwind lessons and coached the woodwind ensembles. Additionally, she wrote reports and prepared students for concerts and external exams. Clarissa was well liked and respected by her colleagues, and by parents and students. She is a very accomplished, intelligent, and experienced musician, and an enthusiastic and patient teacher. For example, in order for some of the younger students to start lessons who were too small to begin on the flute, Clarissa, on her own initiative, began teaching the fife in small groups. The fife proved to be extremely popular and many of those students have now graduated to the flute and continued with lessons. Her knowledge of flute teaching, and of woodwind in general, is very thorough and up to date. Clarissa has had excellent training both at Wells Cathedral School and the Guildhall School of Music and this is evident in her teaching. She is very well organized, flexible, and adaptable, a great asset considering that she had one of the heaviest teaching schedules while she was here, and she always found the time to help out with other musical activities. Clarissa is an extremely able musician and an excellent teacher.

Dr. Laura Chapple

The British School – Al Khubairat, PO Box 4001, Abu Dhabi, UAE